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Whether you plan to keep your house and pass it on to the next generation for generations to come or sell it, you must be careful to care for it. There are things on the exterior of your home that could cause damage to the interior; this is why you should keep your home exterior clean regularly.

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Many homeowners focus on keeping the interior of their home clean, but the exterior also needs attention. Our company, Humble Pressure Washing, cleans the roof, the siding, the pavers, the driveway, fences, windows, and other exterior surfaces. We do it carefully using our soft wash technique. We use this method to loosen dirt from the surface so we do not have to use a high-powered pressure washer, which can damage your home. Pressure washing is a bit stronger than a garden hose. One of the reasons our clients consistently rate us 5 stars is the care we show in protecting your home. We also have experienced, friendly service as another reason why our clients choose us. Our power washing company has served Humble and the surrounding communities for over two decades, and our technicians can handle any job.

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Reasons You Need House Pressure Washing

When you Power Wash the exterior of your Humble home, you also protect the surface of your home from damage. If storms continue to batter your home, and the elements remain on the surface, this damage can occur to your exterior paint, siding, or roof over time. Keeping your home pressure washed regularly will help you avoid unnecessary repairs. At Humble Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, we know how to clean your home without damaging it.

Get your house washed by Humble Power Washing to achieve a stunning interior and exterior!

Exterior Pressure Washing
You should clean your home twice a year to keep it looking as clean as possible and remove any harmful contaminants on its surface. And the best part? It’s so easy!

Your home builds up a layer of debris over time. The mix of mess can include:

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Pollen
  • Bird Droppings
  • Algae
  • Mold and mildew

The list goes on. If not washed off, this mess continues to build and build, making the interior of your home look dirty and dull.

Don’t let your home’s exterior get overtaken by dirt and grime! With our fierce and fantastic house washing, you can stop it before it gets that bad! By pressure washing your home, we meticulously but thoroughly remove all the dirt and debris from the exterior to reveal the clean, pristine surface beneath. We guarantee that your home will look years younger by the end of the service!

Prior to each job, our team prepares to ensure our approach is suited to your home. Some sidings can handle traditional pressure washing, while others are best handled with more gentle soft washing. We determine our approach before we do anything, ensuring that the clean you get is both efficient and safe for your property.


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Keeping your home clean every couple of months can help prevent infestations, as well as preventing grime from ever settling on the exterior in the first place. Humble TX Pressure Washing can also offer this in conjunction with our other services, so if your house’s exterior walls are clean, have your concrete match them and schedule a driveway cleaning to go along with it!


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